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The Day the BC Ministry of Education Made Me Cry Tears of Joy and Adulation

Write a song, sky write, celebrate on the streets, shout out windows, go classroom to classroom and cheer!  The inclusion of Aboriginal perspectives and knowledge as part of the historical and contemporary foundation of BC and Canada has been acknowledged in the release of the draft Exploring Curriculum Design-Transforming Curriculum and Assessment.  This document has the power to positively shape and enhance every classroom in BC.  
Every one of our students will experience classroom content and learning outcomes that integrate Aboriginal perspectives into curricula. All learners will have opportunities to understand and respect the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginals.  No longer will Canada educate as if we were one voice!  The culture, traditional language, important contemporary challenges and contributions of First Nations, Metis and Inuit will now be heard and everyone will be richer and truly educated.

Oh how I have waited for this day!  Thirty years of talking, writing, presenting, learning from Elders, modeling mini-lessons and creating integrated units of learning celebrating /weaving aboriginal perspectives into the daily curricula; and it seemed nobody was interested.  (e.g. “Nice theme, but I only have three aboriginal kids in my class...thanks anyway.”)
This is an education transformation!  Finally the inclusion of Aboriginal content will be part of the learning journey for all students in all classrooms at all grades.
And it is not just the inclusion of Aboriginal perspectives throughout the curriculum that they got right.

These folks get the importance of inquiry in our life-long learning journey.  There is a celebration of integrating content.  Assessment FOR Learning is clearly understood and championed as it should be!
OMG! Please parents, teachers, school administrators,  and community partners, let us support your commitment to this new way of being and teaching.  We are an organization wealthy with individuals who have years of commitment to quality education.  We have passion, energy and drive. We can help you transform those Ministry document words from rhetoric to reality. 
Honestly I am crying right now!
This is so important! How can the Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre support you?  We want to be your learning partner in your journey. 
And our hands are raised in thanks to the folks who worked on the BC Ministry of Education’s, Exploring Curriculum Design- Transforming Curriculum and Assessment document!

In friendship,
Donna Klockars
Literacy Lady

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