Thursday, April 24, 2014

Growing Up to Read Community Morning

On Wednesday we got together for another morning filled with stories, songs and activities.

 This week we focused on sound - a child's ability to hear and identify different sounds is an important step on the way to learning new vocabulary, letter sounds and of course reading.

  • Donna sang a traditional song with her drum and all of the children danced in time to the beat.  Children need lots of early practice with rhythm and beat in order to sound out letters and words.  
You can practice at home with: 
  • fast and slow beats
  • loud and quiet beats 
  • beats in words (din-ner) or with people's names (Don-na)

During our activity session the children sorted toys first into different colours and then they practiced creating colour patterns.   Once their line was complete the children read their patterns aloud!  


We shared several stories today, including this colourful book about beading a moccasin.
After the story we learned a new a pattern song with lots of actions...

Here our visitors are making books to take home inspired by the story "In Went Mouse."  Much like the colour patterns and drum beats, this story follows a repeating, rhythmic pattern of words together with pictures making it easy for children to remember and read independently.

Please join us next Wednesday, April 30th at 9:00am for stories songs and much more at our 
Growing Up to Read Community Morning.

Everyone is welcome!


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