Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Our Community of Readers


It was another day of stories and alphabet activities today at our 'Growing Up To Read' Community Morning.  Donna and the children used animal puppets with sounds and signs to tell the story "In Went Mouse."  We created alphabet leaves to decorate our own story tree - maybe we will use the tree next week to act out the story ourselves! 

We kept busy with some other aphabet activities before we went outside to play...

What letters can you see?

The beautiful sunshine soon beckoned us out for our 3rd story of the day.  The children used salmon cut-outs and the playground equipment as props to re-tell the traditional tale of dog salmon at the mouth the the river.  Everyone was wrapt in story telling:

The children share their learning:
"It's like a waterfall"
"These circles are the salmon's egg's"

Please join us next week for more traditional stories and alphabet activities.

Everyone is Welcome!

Wednesday, April 16th 9-12

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