Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our Reading Community

A frog friend.

Today we celebrated another fun filled morning with stories, songs and activites at the Boys and Girls Club on 5th Street in Nanaimo.  


We read several frog themed books with actions and numbers and each of our visitors had a chance to hop, jump and leap around with their own frog friends. 

Encouraging children to create sounds and actions while reading books allows them to develop core language and comprehension skills.  Young children are active learners so we must find time in our reading routines to combine movement and sound in order to give them a way to connect physically with books.


 After our active story telling we made frog masks and encouraged the children to write their names.  We used the masks in the outside play area for a lily pad game!

Here one of our visitors is 'reading' the colour pattern she has made with toys. She shows us that she is reading because she: 
  • points one-to-one to each coloured object
  • says each colour aloud
  • starts on the left side, just like we read a word, sentence or book.

Growing up To Read is a Community Project for all families.  
Please join us next week at the Boys and Girls Club for more traditional stories, songs and alphabet activites.

Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

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