Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Curriculum that contributes to decolonization and meaningful reconciliation

Hello Dear Reader,
I am keen to share some of the writing I have been working on.  I am taking an on-line course called Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education.  I am loving every minute of this experience!  Even though on-line learning sounds as if it is a lonely and quiet interaction, I have found it to be the opposite.  My study buddy, Melanie, is always eager to debate, reflect and explore difficult topics with me.  I have also had some meaningful and thoughtful communication with other on-line participants and the course designers.  But I am getting off topic.  I am asking you to embrace the idea that "Growing up to Read" is all about life-long learning.  My belief that education and reading and writing are the tools that we  must use to engage in meaningful reconciliation and decolonization experiences.  I have put together a lesson sequence using an Indigenous Framework called "Full Circle". This framework is so well put together it has inspired me to rethink how I present my lessons to intermediate and secondary students.    I would love to hear from you and welcome positive or negative feedback on the content and structure of my lesson planning.
It is a long and windy bit of work so email me at dklockars@shaw.ca if you won't a copy.
In friendship,
P.S. to those  who work with the shorter friends, I am deep in thought about how play serves literacy...in other words the roots of reading involves play...till later.


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