Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Starting Out Right

Today we had a special visitor at our Growing Up to Read morning.  Stella Johnson, a Metis elder from our local community, joined us for some stories, songs and activities.  She shared several Michif words with our group including greetings, animals words and numbers.
We would like to say a special "Thank you" and "Marsee" to Stella for taking her time to be with us today.  Stella will visit our community reading morning again on May 14th with more stories and Michif language fun.


We did more rhyming today during our Pond Party Splash! story.  With Donna and Stella's help, the boys and girls had so much fun using Raven's voice to read all of the rhymes aloud.

When children are developing their pre-reading skills it is important that we find playful opportunities for them to practice rhyming. 
Children need both repetition and variety in order to grasp the complex concept of rhyme.  Encourage and show your child how to make rhyming strings using a mixture of real words (frog-dog-log...) as well as nonsense words (zog-mog-yog).

Rhyming games can be mixed into your daily routine:
"Let's set the table-wable-mable-fable..." 
"Put on your coat-boat-goat-loat..."
"It's time for a story-dory-lory-rory..."
Tricky to start, but once your child begins to explore and build confidence they will RHYME all the TIME

 We hope to see you next Wednesday May 7th, at the Boys and Girls Club on Fifth Sreet in Nanaimo for more traditional stories, songs and alphabet activities.

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