Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Starting out Right

By Melanie Midgley

Today at our community Growing Up to Read morning we took time to read one-on-one with our visitors.  This special reading time enables us to find the individual interests and strengths of each of our young readers.  Today the children told us about their favourite books and who they share these books with when they are reading at home.  

We made many many observations while reading alongside our visitors including:

    • how the children connect their life experiences with stories
    • the children's understanding of different letters and sounds
    • how familiar the children are with patterns in stories
    • the children's ability to predict what will happen next in a story  

    Please join us next week when Metis elder, Stella Johnson, will return for more traditional stories and some Michif language.

    Our next community morning will be on Wednesday, May 14th at the Boys and Girls Club in Nanaimo from 9:30-12:00

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